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      DCSS educators enter crisis training

      Dougherty County educators attended a meeting Tuesday afternoon to come up with a plan on how to react to an active shooter crisis in their schools.Dougherty County School Police Chief Troy Conley spoke to about 60 principals and school leaders about the safety of school campuses during an active shooter situation.Conley and other school police officers addressed recent shootings on school campuses around the nation and the shooting near an Albany school campus this year.In the meeting, educators learned the definition of school shootings, and how they often times start and end.The DCSS school safety plan helps teachers learn how to react in a crisis.Conley said if any school principal feels there school is lacking after watching the presentation, he will come out to the school to help address where changes needed to be made.During a crisis teachers are trained to use the GEMA code red system. School leaders are asked to use card descriptions. The green card says that everyone is accounted for and okay. Teachers are supposed to put these cards in their windows and one under door.If a child is missing teacher is to use a yellow card and put minus one or minus the number of how many student are missing. Put plus if there are any additional students.Teachers are to use red cards if they have an injured student in their class.Only one teacher was confident that all her staff was prepared to use the Red, Green, Yellow system.Superintendent Dr. David Mosely said maybe there needs to be another training course for teachers.