DCSS board members meet for retreat

DCSS board held its annual retreat Thursday for board members to share ideas about how to improve the school system. / File

The Dougherty County School System board held its annual retreat Thursday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at its administration building on Pine Avenue.

The state of Georgia requires county school boards to have a certain number of hours of school board training per year. DCSS chooses to complete these hours in a "retreat."

The board invited a guest speaker from the state board to come to Albany to discuss board responsibilities.

"We started by going around the room and board members talked about their goals for the school system in the future," DCSS board member Darrel Ealum said. "I suggested we do these retreats more often like three or four times a year."

Ealum says this was a great time for the board members to meet in a way that wasn't so formal and share ideas about making the school system better.

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