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      DCSS board approves new police vehicles

      The Dougherty County School Board voted Wednesday afternoon to purchase 12 new vehicles for school resource officers at various middle and high schools in the county.

      The county currently has about 20 vehicles and only four of them are running, according to school board member Darrel Ealum.

      Ealum says the soft targets right now are elementary schools and there are only school resource officers at middle and high schools. He adds that this has been a controversial issue because many people ask if the resource officers really need the vehicles. He says they are certainly needed.

      "Now we're going to have hopefully 16 that are going to be up and operable and we can react very quickly to a crisis anywhere in the district," Ealum said.

      The vehicles are being purchased locally at $21,000 each versus from a state contractor at $26,000.

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