DCSS attorney releases list of non-renewal teachers

      A non-renewal letter sent out to DCSS teachers and principals involved in the CRCT investigation.
      Tommy Coleman, the attorney for the Dougherty County School System, has released a list of teachers who have received non-renewal letters.

      The letters sent out on Friday, May, 04, 2012 states, "you are hereby notified that your contract as a teacher in the Dougherty County School System will not be renewed."

      The list includes 24 employees who are either principals or teachers with the Dougherty County School System.

      Of the 24 names included is Angela Shumate, the principal of Albany High School and Gloria Baker, Principal of Morningside Elementary School.

      Baker is on the list for connection to the Dougherty County School System free lunch scandal.

      The attorney for the school system says since they didn't receive evidence early enough to hold trials, the purpose of the non-renewals are to keep the teachers from automatically having their contracts renewed for next year.

      Each teacher and principal will have a chance to prove their case before a tribunal, if they choose to do so.

      We think that some of them there's pretty strong evidence about but there are others we think will ultimately show that the evidence is different. Each case is different, says Tommy Coleman, Attorney for the Dougherty County School System.

      Coleman says, at this point, he hasn't received any statements as to whether or not any of the accused will go forward with a trial.

      See a copy of the list below:


      Anderson, Deborah

      Ashley, Faye

      Austin, Tekeela

      Baker, Gloria

      Bowman, Robert

      Dubose, Vanessa

      Evans, Elicia

      Faulkner, Trina

      Flood, Deborah

      Ford, Tia

      Jackson, Fatima

      Jolivette, Lavonda

      Kegler, Katrice

      Knighton-Harris, Beverly

      Lyons, Nikki

      Mallard, Tara

      Randle, Tiffaney

      Roquemore, Jose

      Savage, Adrienne

      Shumate, Angela

      Smith, Jennifer

      Wallace, Alberta

      Warren, Debra

      Zachary, Lillian