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      DCP aim to use no deadly force

      The Dougherty County Commission approved the resolution authorizing a grant that'll give the Dougherty County Police Department some extra cash for equipment.

      If the grant is approved, the Dougherty County Police Department will be given roughly $6,000, money they'll use to buy brand new tasers.

      Richard Crowdis, County Administrator says, "they can't get a lot with it but they get things that help out that wouldn't ordinarily be funded through the general fund or their departmental budgets."

      Each taser can cost about $1500 each, but police say when it comes to policing between guns and tasers--they're the safest route.

      Captain Tom Jackson with the Dougherty County Police Department says, "sometimes the sheer presence sometimes will make someone think twice about actually getting in confrontation with the police and if there is a confrontation , sometimes it helps us from the police officer being less injured or the subject being injured too."

      County officials say the grant has been applied for and submitted, although it hasn't been approved, historically they've gotten their money.