DCED community development week

In honor of the 26th Annual Community Development Week, The City of Albany, Georgia Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) would like to share with the community, our partners, and our political representatives the positive results we have achieved and continue to achieve in partnership with and for the community, local residents, and businesses.

The social, physical, and economic development projects and programs completed this past year and those which continue to be undertaken are a testament to the importance of the CDBG and HOME Federal Programs to our community.

In light of the recent funding cuts to these programs over the past two years in Albany, (a decrease of 39.4% to CDBG funding and a decrease of 44.1% to HOME funding), which are among the highest of any community in Georgia, it is even more important than ever to share the positive impact these funds have on the City of Albany and its residents.

Please help us share the word by viewing and sharing a link to our YouTube Video at: and join us in celebrating our community's progress as the Department of Community and Economic Development continues its mission "to maximize opportunities to serve the Albany-Dougherty community through funding housing, economic growth and community services."