Daylight Savings a smoke detector reminder

Daylight Saving Time isn't only a reminder to change back your clocks.

Local fire departments encourage people to change the battery in their smoke detectors during Daylight Saving Time. Fire officials say changing the battery during this time is easier to remember than on a holiday like Christmas.

"It's just a clear indicator whether it needs it or not, because if you're changing that battery every six months or so with the time change you never have to worry about having a dead battery. Now in the event that the battery starts chirping prior to the time change, change the battery anyway," says Chief Sebon Burns with the Albany Fire Department.

Daylight Saving Time is on Sunday; again, remember to change smoke detector batteries and set clocks back one hour.

The Albany Fire Department says a smoke detector is the first line of defense in case of a fire in the home. Burns says to have one in each bedroom and in the hallway.