Daycare worker saves children from oily blaze

Barbara's Babies Daycare evacuated after fire. / Jessica Fairley

A daycare center in east Albany was evacuated Tuesday morning after a fire broke out in the kitchen.

Just after 11:00 a.m. an employee at 'Barbara's Babies Daycare' was preparing lunch when she put some oil in a pot on the stove.

Officials say when the woman turned around the grease was on fire.

The fire was put out, however the extinguishing agent traveled throughout the building.

Seven children and three adults were evacuated without suffering any injuries.

"Thank God the woman was standing right there. She had received all of her training. All day care centers must receive training on fire extinguishers and due to that I'm sure it aided her in being able to put out the fire," says Albany Fire Department Fire Investigator Sam Harris.

The daycare will be closed until an inspection is completed by state daycare officials, Albany Environmental and the Albany Fire Department.

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