Daycare director arrested in Janaysia Stevenson case

Glenda Ann Brown, 49, was arrested for not reporting information she had about 19-month-old Janaysia Stevenson being abused

The director of Springs Little Citizens Learning Academy Glenda Ann Brown, 49, was arrested Tuesday afternoon in connection with the death of 19-month-old Janaysia Stevenson. Stevenson died in March as a result of internal injuries after her mother's boyfriend, Gregory Keith Evans, 28, abused her.

Edwards says Brown had information that the 19-month-old girl was being abused and she failed to report it.

"There was information that was gathered from the investigation that indicated that she was made aware as a witness to this effect and she failed to report to any agency that could have intervened," says Edwards. "In fact, some of the injuries that were observed at the time she should've observed them are still on the child's body."

The CEO of Springs Little Citizens Learning Academy says she does not condone this type of action and that her teachers are trained to report suspicions of child abuse immediately to Dougherty County Department of Family and Children Services.

Brown was arrested for not reporting suspicions of child abuse, even though as a daycare employee, it's mandated.

"Every medical provider, every daycare provider, every teacher who observes these types of situations, they just need to tell us. They just need to let us know so we can take steps to save our children's lives," says Edwards.

Mandatory reporters of child abuse include medical providers, doctors, nurses, medical practitioners, teachers and people involved with daycare, according to Edwards. He says there is no liability if they report it and they can report anonymously.

Kimberly Smith, Director of the Dougherty County DFCS, says it is these providers who have a lot of access to children, which she says makes it more vital for them to report child abuse cases.

"They see a child probably more than anybody in the community. If you think about it, most children are at daycare centers, most children are at school at least six hours in the day," says Smith. "Most of those providers, the school systems or whatever, are doing a visual of those children so if they see something, that response should be that immediate."

Edwards says had Brown immediately reported Stevenson's injuries, the 19-month-old's story could have ended differently.

"I believe beyond a reasonable doubt that this child's life might have been saved has someone reported it earlier," says Edwards.

District Attorney Greg Edwards says Brown was arrested for not reporting the child's injuries. He says she faces misdemeanor charges which could mean 12 months in jail or a $1,000 fine.

The daycare's CEO says Brown was the director there for four years, and she is not sure if Brown will return as director or not.

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