Dawson elects 22-year-old mayor

Chris Wright, Dawson's youngest mayor. / Jessica Fairley

The people of Dawson have elected a new mayor into office after the incumbent, Robert Albritten, held the seat for more than 20 years, but get this; the new mayor is just over 20 years old himself.

Chris Wright may be young but he has an old soul, one that he's ready to use to bring the city of Dawson together.

"I cannot do it by myself," said Chris Wright, "It's going to take the older and the younger working together uniting together in hope that we can turn this city around."

The 22-year-old mayor elect has lived in Dawson his entire life and says he has yet to see the city reach its full potential.

Wright's age may be a concern for some but a majority of voters believe that he can bring change.

"If we are in elected positions, we are in this position to help people and if we're not personally asking for help for our people, first of all we shouldn't be elected at all anyway," said Wright.

The mayor elect says dilapidated buildings that are filled with debris and trash is what makes the city look bad. He says this is one of the issues that he wants to address first when he comes into office.

"We need to make this city more attractive to attract more businesses. Take care of the historic portion, uplift it and upkeep it," said Wright.

The Albany Technical College student plans to create a downtown business coalition to bring together ideas as to how they can improve the city's appearance. Downtown business owners say their willing work with Wright on the city's facade and other issues.

"We need to just bring our city more up to date with technology. We need to bring things like being able to pay bill over the internet, through a website," said Ernest Johnson, businessman and county commissioner.

Although Wright is facing a recount from Robert Albritten, the sitting mayor of Dawson, he is confident in his position.

"I do appreciate the voters for electing me as their mayor and one thing I don't plan on doing is disappointing them," said Chris Wright.