Dawson community wants justice after new information related to mayor shooting

Dawson community wants justice after new information related to mayor shooting./ Credit: Alexandria Ikomoni

Back in 2013, Christopher Wright was shot multiple times while serving as the Dawson mayor.

Arrest were made but last month, one of the men charged wrote a statement saying he was hired as a hit man by the city manager.

"We've been done wrong down here,” Corey Johnson, Wright’s uncle, said. “We've been oppressed down here.”

The NAACP is working to get those answers.

"It looks fishy,” Edward DuBose, NAACP National Board of Directors, said. “There is someone out there saying you are connected to it, so we need to find out if that's the case. If he's still out there and it's true that he was involved in it, then we are asking for the U.S. Attorney General and the Federal Bureau of Investigations to get involved with this case."

They are asking for the community's help for this to be investigated.

The first step is signing a petition, and the second is reaching out to the current Dawson mayor.

"The mayor can do more,” DuBose said. “If the mayor can't remove the city manager, then he needs to make a statement."

They’re also asking for the community to reach people outside of the community to bring more awareness to what is happening in Dawson.

Their goal is for the ones they believe is responsible be held accountable.

"I want for everyone involved in it be brought to justice and sent away,” Johnson said.

Christopher Wright did survive the shooting.

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