Dated jail readers on the way out

Finger print readers cause concern at the Dougherty County Jail. / Jessica Fairley

Outdated fingerprint scanners posed a security problem for the Dougherty County Jail.

"The units that we had are starting to wear out. You have to input a code maybe two or three times before it picks up correctly. It might not read your fingerprint the way it should," said Col. John Ostrander, Dougherty County Jail.

Col. John Ostrander says repeated service calls can be expensive and when the system is down, workers are put at risk.

After ten years with the jail, the old system will now be replaced. Dougherty county commissioners have voted to buy new ones to avoid disaster.

Also during the commission meeting, county leaders approved a Historic Dixie Highway Scenic Bypass that's set to boost tourism in Albany.

"It's got so much history behind it in several different places up and down the Dixie Highway that I think that it will bring a lot of attention from people that are travelling," said Jack Stone, Dougherty County Commissioner.

Commissioner Jack Stone says the bypass will give tourists a chance to see a side of southwest Georgia not seen on the beaten path.