Darton students sound-off on proposed cuts

Darton proposed $2.7 million in budget cuts

Darton College students are sounding off on the proposed $2.7 million budget reduction at the two-year school.

Darton's proposed cuts are to increase class size, six additional furloughs for teachers, close the foreign languages lab, cap enrollment for learning support, shut down its satellite nursing program at East Georgia College, and terminate seven full-time faculty and staff positions and up to 15 part-time jobs.

Many students who spoke with FOX 31 News say they understand cuts need to be made, but wish the college would cut areas that don't affect their class time.

"I'm here to learn and the fact that that's getting cut isn't fair to me," said Darton Student Jordan Theis.

The main reason why I chose Darton was because it was a two-year college and I had smaller classes and more one-on-one time with the teacher," said Dance Major Megan Weeks. "That's my biggest concern."

First-year Student Joshua Sumner told FOX 31 News, "In the long run this is just adding more stress to them (the teachers) which is affecting us as students."

If the cuts don't go through, the University System of Georgia chancellor has said tuition will have to go up 77 percent.