Darton students get a lesson on the past and the future

Students from Darton gathered to listen to Dr. C.W. Grant. / Todd Bailey

Darton College welcomed Dr. C.W. Grant as a guest speaker for Black History month.

On Thursday Morning, he discussed the importance of knowing and understanding black history.

The civil rights era happened while he went to college and he gave students a vision of how life was like at that time.

Dr. Grant also used his speech as a way to express the importance of leadership and touched upon what black history leaders have given to today's world.

"I'm more concerned about talking to them about becoming history makers for tomorrow. In order for us to have something to celebrate for tomorrow we must have some history makers today," said Grant.

Dr. Grant says the power of positive thinking is vital for our future and remembering how many black history leaders' did not take short cuts in life can be great way to achieve for tomorrow.

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