Darton State building evacuated as a precaution

Darton State College officials have confirmed that the J building on the Albany campus has been evacuated. / File

Darton State College students were evacuated for about an hour Monday afternoon after campus police received a call that a black backpack was unattended in the J building about 12:35 PM.

Campus police arrived, evaluated the situation and called officials with the Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany who came out with K9 unit just to make sure it wasn't a bomb or any kind of weapon.

Officials say the dog swept the building and did not detect anything. It was then determined that it was safe to check the bag and it contained textbooks and notebooks.

Students and staff were allowed back into the building around 1:30 PM to continue with finals testing.

Dean of Institutional Advancement Tracy Goode said they took the steps as a precautionary step as they would rather be safe than sorry.

Goode says that Chief Brackin of the Darton State College Police will be further investigating how the bag got there.

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