Darton opens it's doors for PROBE college fair

Darton held a college fair for the students to show them what edcuation after high school has to offer.

/ Sean Streicher

Darton State College was visited Friday morning by high school students from all over Georgia.

Darton held a college fair to show students what edcuation after high school has to offer, "We feel like Datron is a great choice, but it's not for every student. We have students that would like to transfer on to four year institutions, research institutions so we just like to give them a taste of what is out there", said Susan Bowen the Director of Admissions at Darton.

"It is important for Georgia's youth to have access to the best resources when looking to further their education after high school," said Bill Smith, executive director of PROBE.

"The PROBE College Fair provides a single location for students and their families to learn about a variety of colleges and universities. This makes it easier for students to find a school that meets their needs."

The fair is held by the Georgia Education Articulation Committee and lasts nine weeks totaling 58 college fairs held across the state.

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