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      Darton interim president speaks out on audit

      FOX 31 reported earlier in the week the results of an audit done at Darton State College.

      The Interim President, Dr. Paul Jones, spoke out Friday morning about how he and the college will go about fixing the issues at hand.

      The audit raised six financial or record keeping concerns:

      1. Reviews of satisfactory academic process (SAP) were not properly performed to determine eligibility for federal student aid resulting in over awards of $894,000.
      2. Restricted funds were not spent in accordance with grant requirements.
      3. Time and effort reports were not completed in accordance with federal requirements.
      4. An IRS Tax Form was not completed by business and financial services staff for a vendor.
      5. The salary of the director of grants was in excess of job duties and responsibilities.
      6. DSC Athletics costs TM were allocated inappropriately.

      In response to the over-awarding of nearly $900,000 Dr. Paul Jones said, We weren TMt tracking it in the appropriate way and so we had to strengthen our policy on order to do that, so because we weren TMt tracking it, we ended up over-awarding. And the money that was over-awarded can TMt be spent, We over awarded it which means we will have to return that money to the Department of Education which we are now in the process of doing.

      Dr. Paul Jones told FOX 31 the problem with the Director of Grants TM salary has since been resolved, We have since corrected that issue. That person is no longer in that position and we have put someone in there at the appropriate salary.

      In regards to the athletics costs being allocated inappropriately, Jones said, In this particular case state appropriations could not be used for covering athletic salaries. We have since corrected that and made sure they are paid from the proper funding source.

      Jones said most of the issues found in the audit have since been corrected and the ones that haven TMt are continuing to be worked on.

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