Darton donations turn red

Darton students give blood Tuesday at the Red Cross blood drive. / Matt Prichard

With schools out for the summer, Darton College is still encouraging students to get involved with the community, this time through a Red Cross blood drive. Donor recruiter Shea Register led the event and was optimistic that despite the lack of students, the Red Cross would still be able to gain from the drive.

"We work all over southwestern Georgia to get blood to give to our hospitals, so we're not on short supply. We expect to collect about 25 pints today and I think we will" said Register.

As Memorial Day finishes up Monday, the need for blood can grow exponentially. With more traffic accidents happening on holiday weekends, hospitals are forced to deplete their blood supplies. For most this would be reason enough to donate, but for Darton student, Malcolm Johnson, his stomach was the bigger incentive.

"It's a great cause, especially to give back to the people. But I came for the Poppa John's" said Johnson.

Other donors however stick to the main reason, to give back.

"Well, I gave blood because it was the right thing to do, and the soldiers that gave their lives gave a bigger cost, so giving blood was just something I could do" said Darton student Corey Edwards.

No matter the reason for donating, the message remains the sam; helping others and giving back to the community.

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