Darton College plans for more four-year programs

Darton College plans to offer more four-year degree programs in the future / Sarah Bleau

Enrolling 10,000 students is just one long-term goal Darton College has planned for the future according to their Alumni Association President Wes Sadler, who spoke at the Albany Rotary Club today.

Sadler told the group that Darton wants to add more four-year programs which cost nearly $250,000 per program because of the additional faculty - many of whom will be highly qualified professors with doctorate degrees - as well as specific equipment and resources. Darton's first four-year degree will be offered in the fall.

"The first four-year program will be Nursing, Allied Health will be the next and also Teacher Education down the road. I don't have any specific dates on that right now but we're excited about that possibility. I think it's much needed," says Sadler. Darton officials say they have not received approval for these programs from the Board of Regents yet.

Darton designed The Legacy Campaign to help fund faculty and equipment needed to grow more baccalaureate programs. The college says there have been approximately 600 inquiries about the Nursing baccalaureate program but there is only enough funding and faculty currently to offer fewer than 40 spots.

Sadler also says the college's first homecoming week is coming in the fall. He says they do not have a time period scheduled yet; he says the college is coordinating with other colleges to be sure Darton's homecoming week does not overlap with other local colleges. Sadler says having a homecoming week at Darton will help showcase what the college offers as well as celebrate the students.