Darton College may see record enrollment again

Darton College officials say the large crowd at registration may be a sign of record-breaking enrollment / Sarah Bleau

For students who did not pre-register online for classes at Darton College, they combated lines so long on Tuesday that some students say they were waiting in line for an hour and a half.

"It was a lot more packed this year," says Darton student Landon Wiggins.

Administrators took notice too.

Darton College officials say enrollment at this point in time is up slightly compared to the Spring 2011 term. For the Fall 2011 term, 6,097 students registered; the enrollment then increased 3.7 percent compared to the Fall 2010 term.

"The demand is out there and obviously they're trying to improve themselves so they're coming here to take some classes and hopefully graduate," says Darton College Professor and Advisor Roger Marietta.

So many students registered on Tuesday that additional classes were added to keep up with the demand.

"I know for American government for example, we have quite a few online to start with and a few in-class as well but we had to open up one new this morning," says Marietta.

Marietta says the large amount of students registering is a sign that their retention is good.

"We had a record number enroll in the fall and it's too early to predict and I'm not the one that gets privy to those informations that kind of number but I'm willing to bet that we'll have a record spring enrollment as well," he says.

Late term registration at Darton continues Thursday from 10 a.m. until noon and 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. B Term registration is Feb. 23 at the same times.