Darton celebrates Constitution Day with the community

Darton State College held its annual, "Constitution Day" celebration Monday giving students an opportunity to better understand what this historical document really means.

"It's designed to help students feel connected to the constitution, as well as be part of the process of what the constitution means," said event coordinator, Tina Burney.

With the Constitution celebrating its 225th birthday Monday, Burney says it's more important than ever for young voters to appreciate their rights.

"Many of the people here don't have to take a test to prove their citizenship and we take many of our rights for granted. And our constitution is a very unique and special document," said Burney.

And event officials at Darton enlisted the help of several young high school students to express the importance of voting, and our freedom.

"Overall we need to vote, because last year only half the people that were eligible voted, and that could have made a huge difference if everyone had voted," said high school student, Stephen Allen.

The students are part of a competition in which they write a speech pertaining exclusively to the Constitution. However they say this really isn't work.

"Just learning about the Constitution and reading it, understanding what it means is just something that is really important to me as a future voter," said high school student, Shelley Brooks.

The event will continue Tuesday with several more guest speakers, and a goal of educating students, "that all men are created equal."

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