Darton actively aids students in job search

Darton State College held a job fair for students Wednesday morning with 50 local employers from around the community.

Some of the attendees like Chic-fil-A were hiring on the spot; they are looking for around 50-80 employees to work at their new restaurant in Lee County. Anna Wari, the director of Human Resources for Chic-fil-A, says it's important for students to start working while they are in college so they know what the job interview process and having a job is like.

Senior Life Insurance Company was also at the career expo and are looking to hire a large number of people. Charlie Speller, the vice president of sales for the company, says they're looking to hire 75-80 people for their office in Albany. Speller says it's important for students not just to come to Albany to work, but to stay here and find a local job when they graduate.

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