Dangerous Youth Trend workshop held in Crisp County

Sgt. Jesse Hamreick speaks at the Dangerous Youth Trend workshop. / Sean Streicher

Drugs, gangs, bullies and social media are just a few of the things adults have to deal with when working with kids. To help professionals serving the youth better understand the issues at hand, a "Dangerous Youth Trend" workshop was held Friday in Crisp County.

"I really wanted to try to equip our communities so we can address some of these issues and become a little more proactive," said organizer Katrisha Williams.

Experts say in most cases a child will show signs when they have a problem. While gang issues may have physical tell signs, like wearing a particular color or displaying aggressive behavior, others issues are emotional.

"With bad relationship choices, and bullying, you're going to see that through emotional behavior, whether it be depression anger, emotional outburst," explains Sgt. Jesse Hamreick, with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

If you're having trouble getting through to a kid, Hamreick recommends ask their friends what's going on, he says most kids are waiting for the opportunity to help a friend.

Organizers say they hope to hold this program again and open it up to parents.

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