Dangerous dogs and trash cause fines in Douglas

Dogs and trash laws enforced in Douglas.

Starting April 1st folks in Douglas will be fined if they don't obey new dog and sanitation laws.

Douglas residents have known about the ordinance for a year.

It was put into law but wasn't enforced to give people time to adjust.

Now law officials say the education process is over and the laws will be enforced.

Once a dog bites somebody or another animal, it will be considered viscous or dangerous.

"They have to put a chip in their dog also if that dog bites somebody they have to go get treated and make sure they don't have rabies," said Brannen Pruette.

All dogs have to have a muzzle while out on walks and they also have to live in a cage instead of on a leash.

People will also have to obey trash laws.

They can no longer leave trash cans beside the curb. Trash cans have to go back into their yard.

The first offense is a $25 fine and trash bins aren't the only items banned from the roadside.

"They can't put tires, they can't put lumber, and they can't put paint. Those types of things have to go somewhere else," said Deputy Chief Brannen Pruette, Douglas Police Department.

Officials say now that the educational period is over; they hope people adhere to the new laws.