DA raises awareness of 'sexting' dangers

'Sexting' is a felony

Lawyers across the country are celebrating 'Law Day.' This year's theme focuses on new challenges in the law field.

Dougherty County's District Attorney is speaking out about one new challengeâ"the technology-based crimeâ"sexting. Edwards' advice on "sexting" is simpleâ"just don't do it.

"Number one it's illegal and number two it's stupid," Edwards said.

But more and more people, especially teens, are sending naked pictures through their phones, which is causing concern for parents.

"That's very much a concern for us as parents and as grandparents because those kind of things you see a lot of children being missing," said Josephine Anderson, of Albany.

Edwards says if you send a naked picture of someone under 18-years-old, you could find yourself charged with child pornography, on the sex offender registry, and in prison.

"A felony is any instance where you can be in prison for in excess of a year and these different statues that apply in Georgia are all felonies."

Edwards warns that once you send pictures from your phone, it becomes that much easier to get on the webâ|forever.

"Quite honestly, parents don't know about it and that's why it's going on."