Cyclist hit by driver, officials stress bike safety

Cyclist warned to follow safety guidelines. / Jessica Fairley

A Worth County female cyclist is recovering after being involved in a hit and run accident on Monday morning. While the driver remains on the loose, authorities are stressing biker safety.

Cyclists are encouraged to wear bright colored clothing so that they can easily be spotted by drivers. They're also advised to always wear a helmet to protect their heads.

Officials say one of the biggest things cyclists can do is simply pay attention and stay to the far right of the road. And when it comes to deciding whether to ride with or against traffic, the law is very clear on which way you should go.

"State law says you have to ride with traffic. You see a lot of people riding against traffic and they're just asking for trouble," said Gene Kirk, Owner of Breakaway Bike Shop on Ledo Road.

Back in July, Georgia law makers passed a bill commanding drivers to stay at least three feet away from cyclist.