Cyber Monday not for everyone

Lacey Farley will be shopping online Monday for her three-year-old son and 11-month-old daughter / Ashley Knight

There are some conflicting views about Cyber Monday--there are some folks here in Albany that don't see it as such a good idea.

One woman who just found out about Cyber Monday recently tells Fox 31 she'll be one of the many shoppers online.

While one Albany man tells us, he didn't really see anything worth his time.

"Yes, cause I can get on the internet in my own time, I can go shopping for whatever," says Lacey Farley of Albany.

"I was looking for some flat screen televisions, I really didn't see any good deals on them. They had the good deals on Friday, but I missed it, it was too early for me. So I'm gonna wait till some closer to Christmas specials coming, there should be some stuff coming up soon," says Lumus Kerlegon.

You can learn more about Cyber Monday by visiting their website.

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