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      Cuts in food stamp funding to affect thousands

      Thousands of South Georgians will be affected on Friday when a temporary economic stimulus boosting food stamp dollars expires. The average family would lose about $36 per month, something that many say is a lot for low-income families.

      "$40 goes a long way depending on how you spend it. With the economy rising and the cost of food rising, it seems like such a small amount but it's the little things that count," said Cordaro Bethely.

      Others believe the loss in benefits will drive more people to look for help elsewhere, like at local food banks.

      Despite the concerns surrounding the cuts, congress may be looking to make even deeper cuts in the near future, which could result in families being knocked off the food stamp program entirely or losing even more benefits.

      "The nutritional farm bill that's being considered right now in the House would cut another $40 billion from that program which would take the $36 to $90 a month in Supplemental and Nutrition Program benefits," said Second Harvest of South Georgia TMs Chief Marketing Officer, Eliza McCall.

      Second Harvest is just one of 200 national food banks affiliated with Feeding America, and if passed, the cuts would equal more than the entire network of locations put out.

      For now, many say they TMll have to wait and hope that congress makes a compromise.

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