Cursive handwriting leaving classrooms

Technology pushing out use for cursive writing? / Jessica Fairley

For Monday's Facebook story of the day, parents are wondering if there's a place for cursive writing in school systems.

Many adults grew up learning how to write and read cursive handwriting, but as children are becoming more tech savvy the trade is going unused.

Officials at Twin Oaks Elementary School in Lee County say by national education standards the method is not required.

States are however allowed to contribute 15 percent to the curriculum and this is where Georgia adds in cursive writing.

"Next year when we transfer to the common core of Georgia performance standards, cursive writing will continue to be a part of our state curriculum for the third and fourth grade level," says Jason Miller Ed.D., Principal of Twin Oaks Elementary.

Miller says cursive writing has always been a part of the Georgia school curriculum but the time children spend on the subject has been cut back.

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