Cross-country bike ride builds charitable results

Matt Stoltz loads his bike up after a long day of riding. / Matt Prichard

With most college students focusing on the upcoming school year, Matt Stoltz has other goals on his mind.

Stoltz is riding across the country, raising money for children throughout the world that don't have proper sporting equipment. Inspired by his brother, Stoltz set out to make sure that kids everywhere can enjoy all the luxuries we enjoy here in the United States.

However, Stoltz is not a professional rider, and confesses that he has never ridden over 30-miles before!

"Most I had ridden was probably 30 miles, just with family on a day ride, I'd bike around town if my parents couldn't give me a ride, or if my brother had the car, whole new experience for me," said Stoltz.

His ride will continue until August 6th, where he plans to finish in West Palm Beach, Florida.