Crooks focus on WG&L customers

WG&L reports that a caller is attempting to scam their customers by nabbing their credit card information. / From file

Water Gas & Light officials are warning the public tonight against a potential scam, that could affect your credit card information.

WG&L says they've received five separate calls from around the area claiming that someone called saying they had not paid their bill on-time, and that their services would be shut off in 30 minutes if they didn't give him their credit card information immediately.

Only one victim gave the caller her information, and how investigators inside the commission are warning the rest of the public about this potential trap.

"We're trying to get the word out to everybody, water gas and light will not call you at night, to try and collect money. And we would never, ever, ask any of your identification, credit card information, date of birth, on the telephone unless you called us first," said Senior Investigator for WG&L, David Atkins.

Atkins says they're working closely with several different law enforcement agencies to hopefully close this matter as soon as possible.