Crisp County lets community voice concerns

The Crisp County town hall meeting gave the community a chance to learn what Sheriff Billy Hancock has planned for the upcoming year. / Photo by Sophie Keyes

The Crisp County Sheriff's Office held their first town hall meeting of the year Tuesday.

Sheriff Billy Hancock wanted to involve the community and let them voice concerns.

The issues presented involved questions regarding law enforcement boundaries, the recent January storms, budget proposals, and even mental health awareness in the area.

“We are asking for obviously some new positions. When our grand jury came in February and did our detention center inspection. They had some things that they put in there to recommend that we needed, and one was some additional personnel,” Captain Denise Youngblood said.

Another recommendation made during the inspection was to create a new plan for the Crisp County court house. There is not a set date for the next Crisp County town hall meeting, but the sheriff's office was pleased with the turnout Tuesday.

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