Crisp County chemical explosion causes a morning stink

Images taken by local officials after the chemical explosion at Drexel Chemical Company. / Crisp County Sheriff's Office

The Crisp County Fire Department responded to a chemical explosion at Drexel Chemical Company, located at 120 Cape Road, early Wednesday morning.

Approximately twelve, 55-gallon drums, containing the chemical Dimethoate Technical, exploded and released fumes into the atmosphere.

Fumes were transported to multiple cities across Southwest Georgia due to a wind shift.

The incident report says that the explosion was caused when a bath shorted out, overheating the chemical.

As a result of this explosion, a few people were brought to area hospitals with respiratory issues; none are considered to be serious.

"Obviously, we took care of the spill when it happened this morning, and it is now fully contained," says Greg Haley, Drexel Chemical Company plant manager.

If you have respiratory problems, avoid prolonged outdoor exposure.

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