Criminal commotion stings Sumner neighborhood

Buddy James Forrester is charged with sodomy, kidnapping and child molestation. / GBI

Neighbors who have lived on Sumner Road for decades say they've never had anything happen like the recent hostage situation that has everyone talking.

Monday afternoon, the quiet road was abuzz with cop cars lining both sides of the street. As residents passed by, they were left wondering what went wrong.

"When I first saw the crime scene, the first thing I thought was that somebody had gotten killed," said Benjamin King, resident of Sumner.

Additional details have been released about the hostage situation that happened on Sumner Road.

Convicted felon, Buddy James Forrester, is facing several charges after holding his girlfriend and her daughter captive.

Worth County Sheriff's officials say the incident that led to charges of sodomy, kidnapping, and child molestation happened over the weekend.

For the two victims involved, what happened is a pain that they may live with for the rest of their lives. Around 4:00 p.m. Monday, their cries went out to police.

"They stated that they had been held captive by the individual and that he had molested the younger of the two," said Jim Pro, Asst. Special Agent in Charge for the Sylvester Branch of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Buddy Forrester is believed to have bound his girlfriend and her daughter in their home. The family had recently relocated to Sumner from Maryland.

By the time cops found out about the crime, the convicted felon was gone.

The Worth County Sheriff's Office teamed with the GBI and put out a 'Be on the Lookout' (BOLO) for the suspect.

Tuesday afternoon, a Virginia State Trooper spotted Forrester on 1-95 near Chesapeake, Virginia.

"He tried to evade the traffic stop and after a brief chase they got him stopped and they arrested him on our charges," said Jim Pro.

Police aren't releasing whether guns were used in the crime but in an original release stated that the felon was possibly armed and dangerous.

"From my understanding, when he was captured he did have some firearms on him," said Sheriff Jeff Hobby, Worth County Sheriff's Office.

In addition to charges for sodomy, kidnapping, and child molestation, Buddy Forrester will also face charges for traffic violations in Virginia.

The criminal was previously convicted on burglary charges.

Those who live on or near Sumner Road say they know most of their neighbors by name, but add, you never really know who's living next to you.

"It does make you think about it. We've never had anything to happen like that in this area," said Benjamin King.

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