Criminal activity could pay for Albany

Gambling machines seized during raids. / Jessica Fairley

Dougherty County's District Attorney is presenting an ordinance that could really make crime pay.

District Attorney Greg Edwards presented a forfeiture ordinance that would allow law enforcement the right to seize items obtained from criminal activity. Those items that are seized will then be sold for profit.

Cars, weapons, and gambling machines are just some of the items that could be taken.

Greg Edwards says this is an additional means of punishment for crimes.

Even homes can be seized for value. This is something that could help clean up areas riddled with crime.

"If I know that my property is going to be taken because somebody is doing something illegal on my premises, then I'm going to be more prone to let somebody know that this is going on," said Dorothy Hubbard, Mayor of Albany.

The plan now is to draw up official proposal and submit it to the board.

Once implemented, any proceeds would go to either the city or county.

The money can be used for training and technology improvements.