Crime dropping in Albany neighborhood?

Cocaine confiscated during a raid at a home on west Society Avenue. / File

FOX 31 followed up with Albany police Friday about an area where a drug raid was conducted and they say crime has decreased from years ago.

"As far as the gang related issues over there, there has been a decrease in it dating back from a year ago," said Sgt. E. Duron Thompson.

It's been a week since the Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit raided two drug houses and an underground gambling operation in one night.

Police say the house on west Society Avenue was filled with people.

Thirteen people were arrested and some are believed to be connected to the CME Rattlers gang.

Police found pills, cocaine, marijuana and a weapon at the home.

Major Bill Berry with the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit said in a press conference last week that there have been several raids in that area over the span of a year.

Officials say drug activity in this area is a major concern because it's going on near a school.

Bobby Coleman, Commissioner for Ward II, says there's a neighborhood watch in the area.

Now he's trying to set up one in east Albany.

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