Creek trash may shut down summer fun

A section of the Kinchafoonee Creek is closed after excessive littering. / Matt Prichard

The summer heat is still months away, meaning South Georgians are looking for ways to cool off. But as of last week, Sandy Beach Road Park will be closed due to a series of complaints from neighboring homes.

"The Lee County Code Enforcement office received a complaint about the condition of the property, and the noise down here," said Code Enforcement Officer Jim Wright.

That complaint was in regard to a growing pile of trash collecting alongside the riverbank.

"We came down last Monday to investigate the complaint, and found that the area had been trashed with several hundred items of beer cans, bottles, diapers, clothes, food wrappers that were all scattered throughout this park," said Wright.

With families from all over the community enjoying this natural playground, city administrator Tony Massey says, it's just a shame that a select few are ruining it for everyone else.

"It was getting to be quite the routine every week for us having to send crews down there to clean the site up, adjoining property owners had been asking us to do something about it, so finally we just decided that for the time being it's probably best for all concerned that we closed it for right now," said Massey.

With "no trespassing" signs now up, locals are being asked to report anyone using the park while it is closed.

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