CRCT investigation plan of action given to school board

It was also announced at the school board meeting that Northside is reopened / From file

Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree shared the plan of action for the school system as the CRCT investigation continues with the Board of Education during their meeting Monday night.

"It's kind of like a 'what if': What if this occurs, how can we plan for new positions, how can we plan for interim positions? And basically I shared that with the board, and that's just a forthcoming. It's a proactive plan," says Murfree.

The plan also includes "moving forward" and holding press conferences to give the community updated facts throughout the investigation.

"I'm always behind the premise that a person is simply innocent until proven guilty. We don't want to do the reverse. But we want to be prepared in any kind of way we can to ensure the community that we're going to do what's right, we're going to take care of business if we find people that have done wrong," says Murfree.

Murfree says they do not know any details about specific people being targeted in the CRCT investigation, but he says the school system will be prepared when a report is sent to the governor.

Also at Monday's Board of Education meeting, it was announced that Northside Elementary School will be opening on Tuesday. School officials say the cafeteria has not completed an inspection yet so food is being brought in from a different location.

The board also passed the consideration to recommend a contract for Global Partnership Solutions. Murfree says the program is an additional effort to work on academics in schools alongside the drop back in program suggested at a previous school board meeting.

The recommendation was approved 6-1 with Chairman James Bush being the vote against it.