CRCT investigation moving swiftly

Dr. Joshua Murfree and James Bush inside Monday's Board of Education meeting. / Jessica Fairley

Dougherty County school officials say they're on track with the CRCT investigation.

Non-renewal letters began going out on Friday, May 4th to teachers and principals accused of wrong doing in the CRCT cheating scandal.

Those working the case say just before Tuesday's deadline, all parties involved had been notified.

"It does not mean necessarily that all of them will be non-renewed, but there will be at tribunal of educators and administrators," says Pete Donaldson, Lawyer for Perry and Walter LLP.

Donaldson says the school system is being careful to bring in outside parties to serve on the tribunal.

"I believe it's about 12 people we've recruited from other school systems mostly to sit in on the tribunal, so we're not accused of some sort of bias," says Pete Donaldson.

He says lawyers are on track with the investigation and the CRCT situation should be done by mid June.

Also in the meeting, officials voted to not renew the contract of the director of Child Nutritional Services. They also went over measures to balance the upcoming school year budget.

"We have spent less, $2 million less than anticipated," says Rev. James Bush, Chairman of the Dougherty County School Board.

Bush says it's hard work trying to provide a quality education with less, but it must be done.

"Everything is on the table, so we have to find a way to do more with less. Since I've been on this board, we've been cut over 60 million dollars," says Bush.

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