CRCT evidence and furlough days on the move at DCSS

Photo Credit: Todd Bailey

The CRCT investigation involving the Dougherty County School System will soon get some answers with evidence being sent to Albany officials.

Dr. Joshua Murfree, Dougherty County Superintendent, says it will take some time to get the results.

"When we get that evidence, we can move forward. We have not had to spend any extra money first and foremost to hire anyone else because we have very capable Assistant Principals in positions at the schools where we had to remove principals and very capable EIP teachers," said Dr. Joshua Murfree.

May 15th or before, the district is expected to will make decision on offering contracts to those involved in the CRCT investigation.

During the meeting, the board members discussed next year's calendar which includes ten furlough days.

They have chosen this calendar because that is what the current budget will allow for. But they look forward to working on ways to reduce those days in the coming months with adjustments to next year's budget.

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