Crackdown on driving laws results in less fatalities

More people are safely getting to their destinations by car according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, who says fatal accidents have dropped nationally by 4.2% during the first half of this year. Georgia has seen a 1% difference and officials attribute the decrease to the increase in enforcement.

"Believe it or not, it's not about writing a ticket. It's about getting used to wearing that seatbelt and that trickles down to anything else. If people see you out doing speed enforcement, then they're more likely to adhere to the speed limits," said Captain Tommy Jackson of the Dougherty County Police Department.

Campaigns like Click-It-Or-Ticket, Operation Zero Tolerance, and "It Can Wait" have helped police crack down on laws, but locally the number one cause of fatal accidents doesn't have to do with alcohol or cell phones.

"Drivers that are speeding. If you're speeding and you look away, you're going to have a crash. It only takes a quick second, a quick look-away and you have crashed because you've lost control of your vehicle," said Corporal Andrew McKenzie with the Georgia State Patrol Post 40.

Advancements in technology like side and rear airbags have prevented crashes from ending lives, but police say that same increase in technology is also the cause of many accidents.

In order to continue the downward trend, officials say the emphasis must remain on enforcement and providing enough resources towards it.

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