Cox Landing visitors hoping grant provides bathrooms

Cox Landing visitors say after a long day on the water or on the trail, they need to use the restroom but there are none at the dock

There are plenty of ways to enjoy nature by Cox Landing, but when nature calls there's nowhere to go.

"There's a lot of women who walk the trail and they come down here. There's no facilities for a woman on the trail. A man can stop and go into the bushes, but a woman, she just doesn't do that," says Leonard Shaver, a recreationist familiar with the landing.

He says women commonly use a nearby bamboo thicket as their bathroom.

"I feel sorry for women that have to go into a bamboo thicket to use the restroom. I really do, I feel sorry for them," says Shaver.

What seems like good cover to use as a restroom, it doesn't provide as much privacy for people as they may think.

"When ladies are in there, I've been told by the people who live over here, they can sit there and watch them taking their clothes down to use the restroom," says Shaver.

He says after a walk or bike ride on the 2.5 mile trail near the landing or a long day out on the boat, people need to use the restroom, and there are a lot of people using Cox Landing.

"All during the week and on the weekends this place, especially during the afternoon, this place is covered up with boats putting in and taking out," says Shaver.

A $100,000 trail grant Parks and Recreation receives could fix the lack of bathrooms at the bustling boat dock.

"It would be for trail head construction which may include a restroom. The issue with the bathrooms at the boat ramps is that they do all sit in the flood plain," says Suzanne Davis with Parks and Recreation.

This means the restrooms need to meet certain codes, which causes obstacles when trying to arrange for dockside bathrooms.

"Where the water table being where it is, it depends on if it would pump up to sanitary sewer or if it would be a self contained unit that would be pumped out regularly like a septic tank. The water level really would determine what kind of restroom would go there," says Davis.

The Department of Natural Resources Trail Grant that could help fund bringing bathrooms to Cox Landing is matched 80 percent by the state and 20 percent by the city, according to Davis.