Coupon thieves target newspaper stands

Newspaper thefts up. / Jessica Fairley

In recent years the interest in extreme couponing has picked up, and officials say it's no coincidence that newspaper thefts are also on the rise. They say when papers are filled with coupons, the number of thefts doubles.

Officials with the Albany Herald say their biggest day for loss is Sunday. Papers are mostly taken from newsstands, sometimes stolen by the wrack.

Newspaper distributors say there isn't much they can do to keep people from trying to steal the items but they do use anti theft rack holders helps to slow the thieves down.

They want people to know this is a crime.

"If you're caught stealing newspapers from the racks without paying for them, you can go to jail and if you steal racks it is considered a felony," said Albany Herald Single Copy Manager Belinda Walker.

She says if convicted the thieves will face a fine worth over one thousand dollars, restitution and jail time.