Couples tie the knot on Valentine's Day

Judge Nancy Stephenson marries Donterrius and Shunquisha Orr Tuesday / Ashley Knight

At least seven couples in Dougherty County chose Valentine's Day to tie the knot.

Judge Nancy Stephenson of the probate court performed a few weddings Wednesday. At 10:00 a.m. she married her first couple of the day-Donterrius and Shunquisha Orr. It was actually Donterrius' idea to get married on the most romantic day of the year.

"We'd been talking about it since last year, so we picked this date. I felt like today would be a special day," says Donterrius.

The two have been dating for three years, but actually grew up in the same neighborhood together.

"I think it's better to end up with somebody you've known forever," says Shunquisha.

The couple now shares the same anniversary with the one who married them--Judge Nancy Stephenson grew up thinking getting married on Valentine's day was corny, but then found herself doing just that when she met the love of her life.

"It was not during any sort of Georgia football game and it didn't interfere with hunting season. He put a lot of thought into it actually!" says Stephenson.

The Orr's two girls, two-year-old Madison and one-year-old Ashunti were honorary bridesmaids.