Couple takes a leap of faith for leap day

Selyna Gamble married her husband, Adam on February 29, 2008 / Ashley Knight

February 29th is a common day for folks to take a leap--and on this day four years ago, Selyna Gamble married her soul mate.

Selyna and Adam Gamble were married at the Worth County Courthouse on leap day.

Selyna says they had actually planned on getting married later that summer, but things fell through and they had to move it up a few months.

It wasn't until later she realized what day it was.

"Not until that night when he mentioned, 'you know, you won't have an anniversary for four years?' I said, 'well, why not?' and he said 'today's the 29th of February'. I said, 'oh!' but we celebrate on the 28th every year," says Gamble.

However, this year, Selyna is going school during the day and Adam works at night, so they'll be celebrating their anniversary this Saturday at the Albany marathon!