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      Couple speak out on Moultrie sidewalk issues

      Most people don TMt tend to notice the condition of the sidewalks as they TMre walking down the street, but one Moultrie couple does.Temarie Johnson suffers from spinal stenosis and paraplegia and because of those things, she is wheel-chair stricken. Johnson and her fianc James Davis don TMt currently have a vehicle, so they have no choice but to walk everywhere, including the place where Johnson goes for dialysis. They say they don TMt mind walking at all, but what they do mind is the sidewalk or lack thereof, they have to walk on.Johnson and Davis say the sidewalks in Moultrie are so bad that Johnson has actually fallen out of her wheelchair on several occasions. They also say there are parts of Moultrie that don TMt have sidewalks, which forces them to walk directly in the path of oncoming traffic.The couple says they have reached out to the city manager and the police department in hopes of getting the sidewalks in the city more handicap-accessible but so far, they haven TMt seen any progress.However, Mickey Waller, the city attorney, says the city does currently have several projects in progress to fix the sidewalks that Johnson and Davis are having problems with.Waller says these projects take a considerable amount of time which might be why the couple hasn TMt noticed any changes.Police Chief Frank Lang says in the meantime, while the city can TMt provide them complete transportation, they are happy to provide escorts when possible to anyone in need.Stay connected to as stories develop and the FOX 31 Newscast at 10 PM. Visit us on Facebook and Twitter to join in on the conversation and connect with FOX 31!