County roads under water after rains

Palm Avenue in Dougherty County. / Jessica Fairley

Dougherty County officials are warning drivers to be careful on the roads.

Several roads within the area tend to flood during heavy rainfall.

Officials say usually the streets within the city are pretty safe because of adequate drainage, but it's the roads on the outskirts of the county that tend to flood.

A portion of Palm Avenue and other roads were closed off Monday due to overflowing water.

It's not just the water that could cause a problem; officials say mud could make the roads slick.

"We ask people that if they don't need to be out, then they shouldn't be out on the roads when we're having heavy rains like this because you never know when you come to an area that has water across it. The road underneath may have very well been washed away," said Jim Vaught, Albany-Dougherty County Emergency Management Deputy Director.