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      County Commission spending money to save money

      The Dougherty County Commission has voted to move forward with three studies to gain information on how efficiently county finances are spent.Combined, the cost of all the studies will cost the county $53,750.Commissioners were in agreement when voting for a city/county cost of service study for fire and recreation services and a feasibility study for the county fire department for the special services district. These studies will provide information about whether or not it would be feasible to break away from the system of sharing fire services with the city of Albany.Commissioners Jack Stone and Gloria Gaines voted against a study analysis of the options for providing law enforcement services in Dougherty County.This study will show commissioners what their options are when it comes to Dougherty County Police and city police. It will provide efficiency data and costs of operation.Commissioners Gaines and Stone voted against the study on the basis that they believe the county does not have to spend $15,000 to gather this information. They believe this data can be obtained from county police.Also during the county meeting, commissioners voted to spend $120,000 to $140,000 on a company to audit cell phone towers. Commission decided to hire the company only on the basis that they understand the county is not interested in company making a profit off of how much money they save the county.

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