County Commission hears of weightloss at the landfill

The Dougherty County Commission heard from Waste Management Director Scott Addison about funding a study that would provide options on how to deal with the decrease in tonnage at the county landfill.

They have seen a 20% decrease over the last five years.

"No tax dollars go into the landfill, it's all operated just like a private business," says Dougherty County Administrator Richard Crowdis.

They attribute the decrease to industries leaving town such as Cooper Tire and Merck. Also, many businesses are going green, as are many people, and so don't have as much trash headed to the landfill. Also contributing to the loss is the recession--without disposable income, there isn't much folks are disposing of these days.

A study by SIAC will look at current rates and tonnage and look down the road a few years and try to predict what will happen and what needs to be done. Officials with the county and waste management will look at maybe bringing in waste from outside counties to make up the slack. There is a possiblity rates could increase as well.

The commission will look at the recommendation to fund the study at Monday's work session meeting.