County Commission gets progress report from EDC and funding requests

Dougherty County Board of Commissioners heard from the Economic Development Council and representatives from the National Youth Sports Program. / Jessica Fairley

Albany Economic Development Commission officials approached the Dougherty County Board of Commissioners Monday morning with an update on their progress for the year.

EDC President Ted Clem stated that from July 2012, until now, there has been about 125 jobs created.

He says the building up of the Industrial Parkway is set to bring even more jobs to the area.

The Industrial Parkway runs through Commissioner Gloria Gaines district and she's pleased to see improvements and traffic going through that area.

Also during the county commission meeting, Coach Jesse Massey, the liaison officer for Albany State University, asked county commissioners to help fund the National Youth Sports program.

They're asking the commission to join with the city to help fund the program of which he requested that the city donate $15,000.

Coach Massey wants city and county officials to find funds together and see what they can donate. In the next couple of weeks he will go into schools to let principals know about the program and ask which kids really need to participate in program, with the target area being south Albany.

Commissioner Ewell Lyle asked "does our commission legally have right to help fund the program," to which county attorney Spencer Lee said a contract would have to be drawn up.

Commissioner Clinton Johnson asked if there were already programs of this type in place with the Dougherty County Police Department. Their representative said that there are not any programs like this in place.

While the board hasn't made a decision as to what their plans are to help fund the program,
Commissioner Jack Stone says he will do what he can to help.

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